Young Trailblazer: Seven-Year-Old Phenom Shatters Cross Country Racing Records.

A seven-year-old girl, Aryee Nayram Ama, who is a basic four pupil at Atsivuta Basic School, made history as the youngest participant to complete a cross country racing competition organized by the Agbozume East circuit in the Ketu-South municipality. The race took place starting from Afiadenyigba police barrier and ended at Agbozume Logove Basic School, covering a distance of more than six kilometers.

Aryee Nayram Ama

Despite her young age, Nayram displayed remarkable consistency in her pace from start to finish, showcasing astonishing stamina. Although she finished in 32nd place, many spectators who witnessed the race were impressed by her performance and offered their encouragement and congratulations.

Credit: Atsivuta Basic School


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