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The National Teaching Council (NTC) has given all in-service non-qualified instructors up to 2024 to get themselves skilled as teachers, or else the regulation will kick them out of the classroom.

“By 2024, if you are not a skilled teacher, you can’t be allowed to practise,” the acting Director, Licensing and Registration of Teachers at the NTC, Francis Kwasi Addai, said.

The NTC defines non-qualified in-service instructors as people who are already in the system as instructors in both the public and the private sectors but do not have teacher training certificates.

The Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020, Act 1023 does not enable everybody in the classroom to educate unless barring a licence.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra, the day after the launch of the in-service non-qualified instructors licensing sensitisation programme, Mr Addai for that reason suggested all in-service non-qualified instructors in each public and private college should register on the NTC portal so that when the council commenced the training, they should take part in it to allow them to acquire brief certificates to practise as teachers.

“We desire all instructors to be trained. Just like different professionals, if you have not been trained, you can’t practise,” he stated.

Mr Addai stated after the sensitisation, a five-week education programme to be held on weekends would be organised for the non-qualified in-service teachers, after which they would be assessed and then issued with temporary certificates to practise for one year.

Those temporary certificates, he explained, were renewable on a yearly basis for two more years.

He stated the expectation used to be that whilst having the transient certificates, the instructors would enrol in trainer schooling programmes to allow them to get themselves educated to end up full certified instructors to practise.

“So all non-qualified in-service instructors in both private and public colleges are supposed to attend this sensitisation programme to pay attention to what we have. They need to additionally register on our portal so that we get their facts on our system and go for the education when it starts,” he advised.

He stated the programme used to be additionally supposed to gather information on the variety of non-qualified instructors in the country.

Mr Sarpong clarified that the licensing of instructors was once something that used to be going on not solely in the U.S.A. but globally.

“Over the years, the International Federation of Teaching Regulatory Forum has been attempting its first-rate to make certain that instructors all over the world are licensed.

“In Africa, we have the Africa Federation for Teaching Regulatory Authorities, and at a convention held in Ghana recently, the centre of attention used to be to license each and every teacher in Africa, so that when an instructor leaves to another country to teach, his licence will be legitimate to allow him to teach there,” he stated

He cautioned non-qualified in-service instructors to take advantage of the chance being given to them to get temporary certificates so that they could practise without harassment or being in breach of the law.


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